Adtran NetVanta 4305

Manual de utilizare Adtran NetVanta 4305

  • Product Features
    ■ Three-slot, dual-Ethernet
    IP access router for eight
    T1s of bandwidth
    ■ Dual auto-sensing
    10/100Base-T interface for
    LAN segmentation
    ■ Stateful inspection fire-
    wall for network security
    ■ Quality of Service (QoS)
    for delay-sensitive traffic
    like Voice over IP (VoIP)
    ■ Voice Quality Monitoring
    (VQM) and Mean Opinion
    Score (MOS) prediction
    ■ Inherent URL filtering
    ■ VLAN Trunking (802.1Q)
    for routing between
    ■ Optional Virtual Private
    Network (VPN) for secure
    corporate connectivity
    across the Internet
    Recognizable Command
    Line Interface (CLI) and
    intuitive Web-based
    Graphical User
    Interface (GUI)
    ■ Network Address
    Translation (NAT)
    conceals private
    IP addresses
    ■ Built-in DSU/CSU for
    circuit protection
    ■ Feature-rich ADTRAN
    Operating System (AOS)
    ■ Industry-leading five-year
    North American warranty
    The NetVanta
    4305 is an access router
    designed for cost-effective Internet access,
    corporate Frame Relay, point-to-point connec-
    tivity, ADSL, and VPN for large-bandwidth
    applications supporting up to eight T1s.
    Modular Hardware
    Residing in a 1U high, 19” rackmountable
    metal enclosure, the NetVanta 4305 is a single
    platform that offers one wide module slot, two
    Network Interface Module (NIM) slots and dual
    10/100Base-T Ethernet LAN ports for true LAN
    segmentation or DMZ applications. The single
    wide module slot within the NetVanta 4305
    will house the Octal T1/E1 Wide Module, while
    the NIM slots will support a variety of the
    NetVanta NIMs and Dial Backup Modules
    (DIMs). For dial backup, an analog modem
    DIM or an ISDN BRI DIM is available for
    preventing downtime by dialing around a
    failed circuit to any PPP-compliant device.
    Standards Protocols
    The versatile hardware platform of the
    NetVanta 4305 is further complemented with
    the AOS. The AOS allows for the support of static
    and default routes, demand and policy-based
    routing, and allows for fast, accurate network
    convergence using routing protocols such as
    BGP, OSPF, RIP, and PIM Sparse Mode for multi-
    cast routing. In addition, the AOS terminates
    MPLS, Frame Relay, Multilink Frame Relay, PPP,
    Multilink PPP, PPPoE, PPPoA, RFC 1483, and
    HDLC Wide Area Network (WAN) protocols.
    Multihoming is also available to provide redun-
    dant or backup WAN links to multiple ISPs,
    guaranteeing a wide-area connection.
    QoS is also supported for delay-sensitive traffic
    like VoIP or video. To prioritize mission-critical
    traffic and control network congestion, the
    NetVanta 4305 uses Low Latency Queuing,
    Weighted Fair Queuing (WFQ), Class-based
    WFQ, and DiffServ marking to establish
    priority of IP packets routed over the WAN.
    VoIP Ready
    In combination with the QoS features, a
    specialized Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
    Application Layer Gateway (ALG) allows SIP
    traffic to traverse NAT-enabled firewalls. For an
    enterprise network, this interoperability allows
    IP PBXs, phones, and other SIP-based devices
    to set up, tear down, and pass voice and call
    control messages seamlessly through the
    integral NAT-enabled firewall.
    The NetVanta 4305 also deploys VQM to
    capture MOS, jitter, delay, and packet loss
    statistics necessary to troubleshoot VoIP
    calls over the WAN. This powerful, yet
    graphically intuitive, diagnostic tool allows
    for quick isolation of network issues to
    ensure superior call quality.
    The AOS provides a powerful, high-perfor-
    mance stateful inspection firewall. The firewall
    can identify and protect against common
    Denial of Service (DoS) attacks like TCP
    syn flooding, IP spoofing, ICMP redirect,
    ping-of-death, and IP reassembly problems.
    In addition, the AOS is capable of providing
    an inherent URL-filtering package without
    the use of an external server. URL filtering is
    another level of security that allows system
    administrators to restrict Internet access by
    permitting or denying specific URLs. This
    URL-filtering feature also includes the ability
    to produce top website reports of the most
    frequently requested websites, allowing system
    administrators to modify the URL filter lists.
    The NetVanta 4305 also adds the support
    for IPSec-compliant VPN. The NetVanta 4305
    supports up to 1,000 simultaneous VPN
    tunnels, while also supporting encryption
    algorithms like DES, 3DES, and AES. With
    this upgrade, the NetVanta 4305 is fully
    compatible with other IPSec VPN-equipped
    NetVanta products.
    The AOS offers both a CLI that mimics the
    widely deployed industry de facto standard
    and an intuitive Web-based GUI with step-
    by-step configuration wizards.
    NetVanta 4305
    Multi-slot Access Router Supporting up to Eight T1s of Bandwidth
Adtran NetVanta 4305

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Specificații Adtran NetVanta 4305

Brand Adtran
Model NetVanta 4305
Produs router
EAN 607565023132, 6075650231320
Limbă Engleză
Tipul fișierului PDF
Ethernet LAN
Viteză transfer de date Ethernet LAN 10, 100, 1000
Reţea standard IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u
- -
Alte caracteristici
Data minima de transfer a ratelor 1
Tehnologia de conectare Prin cablu
Dimensiuni(LxAxI) 438 x 44 x 279
Montaj Cabinet metalic
Conectivitate LED-uri
Client DHCP
Server DHCP
Caracteristicile managementului
Gestionare pe baza de Web
Acceptate Quality of Service (QoS)
Porturi Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) 2
Algoritmi de securitate -
Filtrarea adresei MAC -
Memorie volatilă 32
Memorie internă 256
Procesor încorporat
Procesor NXP MPC8250
Frecvență procesor 450
Managementul energiei
Consum de energie (tipic) 75
Greutate şi dimensiuni
Greutate 3.4
Capacitate portbagaj 1U
Culoarea produsului Black, Purple
Caracteristici DSL

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