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2. Polar Pattern
Common issues:
Specifications :
1.Frequency Response

MightyMic C

Directional Condenser Shotgun Video
Microphone for Smartphone/Camera
Introduction :
Thank you for purchasing the MightyMic C microphone. In order to get
the maximum benefit of the microphone you need to use an App
designed to support all the audio features such as FilmicPro or MoviePro
for video recording with your phone. Use the included cable for
recording with your camera or phone. It can be used with the MightyMic
Pro adapter for wireless recording direct to your phone. Please visit our
website for the latest info on supported Apps and features.
Description of components:
1: Microphone Element
2: XLR microphone Audio Connector
3: Smartphone/Camera/Off Selector
Package list:
Mic Body
Foam Windscreen

To avoid any interference, please turn off the Wi-Fi on your

phone and set the device to airplane mode
Why there is low-level noise when I am recording with my camera?
It is commonly caused by the ”Automatic gain control” or “AGC” function of the
camera. Generally when a camera detects low or no audio input signal the camera
will automatically increase the input gain. When the input gain is increased the
noise level of the camera’s microphone also increases. The AGC function of certain
cameras can be disabled, please contact the manufacturer of your camera for
more information. We recommend that you manually set the audio level to
optimize the Signal to Noise ratio and disable your camera’s AGC. You can also
remove the noise using many software programs after your done recording.
The smartphone headphone adapter can be used for playback. It can
also be used for monitoring during recording with a compatible App
such as MoviePro or MightyMic Pro Recorder. Using an App will allow
you to listen and set sensitivity levels before recording and listen while

recording. This adapter will not work with DSLR cameras.

1. Install the mic into a smartphone, a DSLR camera, the MightyMic Pro
wireless adapter or on a boom pole
Option 1-As shown above insert the mic into your phones headphone
connector and rotate it to the appropriate position. Secure the mic with the
smartphone stabilizer support. Set the selector to the top (phone) position.
You may need to use a phone mount and Lightning adapter if your device does
not have a headphone jack.
Option 2-Mount the mic on a DSLR camera with the hot shoe mount and set the
selector to the middle (camera) position.
Option 3-Connect the 3.5mm plug to the headphone jack on the MightyMic Pro
and set the selector to the top (phone) position for wireless applications.
3. Specifications
Frequency response range
Product dimension
Harmonic distortion THD
Dynamic range
S/N Ratio
Product weight
110 dB
28.5g approximately
Phone Adapter
Maximum SPL
Polar Pattern

Phone/Camera cable

Hot shoe Mount
Product warranty is limited to defects in material and workmanship for one
year to the original purchaser. Warranty does not cover collateral damage
due to misuse, abuse, incorrect use and other inappropriate uses of this
product. The limitation of this warranty is to repair or replace the defective
parts. Consequential and incidental damages are not covered under this
warranty. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, you may also have
other rights which vary from state to state. See details at for
updated information.
If your device is not performing as it should please visit our website at or e-mail us at

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MightyMic C
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