Bauknecht DWGR 6780

Manual de utilizare Bauknecht DWGR 6780

  • GB8
    This manual and the appliance itself provide important safety warnings, to be read and observed at all times.
    This is the attention symbol, pertaining to safety, which alerts users to potential risks to themselves and others.
    All safety warnings are preceded by the attention symbol and the following terms:
    indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided, will cause serious injury.
    Indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could cause serious injury.
    All safety warnings give specific details of the potential danger/warning present and indicate how to reduce risk of injury, damage and electric shock resulting
    from improper use of the appliance. Carefully observe the following instructions:
    Installation and maintenance must be carried out by a qualified technician, in compliance with the manufacturer's instructions and local safety regulations.
    Do not repair or replace any part of the appliance unless specifically stated in the user manual.
    The appliance must be disconnected from the power supply before carrying out any installation work.
    Earthing of the appliance is compulsory. (Not possible for class II hoods identified by the symbol on the dataplate).
    The power cable must be long enough for connecting the appliance, once fitted in its housing, to the power supply socket.
    Do not pull the power supply cable in order to unplug the appliance.
    The electrical components must not be accessible to the user after installation.
    Do not touch the appliance with any wet part of the body and do not operate it when barefoot.
    The appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with any physical, sensory or mental impairment, or without experience and
    knowledge of the appliance, unless supervised or previously instructed in its use by those responsible for their safety.
    Do not repair or replace any part of the appliance unless specifically indicated in the manual. All other maintenance services must be carried out by a
    specialised technician.
    Children must be supervised to ensure they do not play with the appliance.
    When drilling through the wall pay attention not to damage electric connections and/or pipes:
    Air vents must always discharge to the outside.
    The manufacturer rejects all responsibilities for any damage caused by improper use or wrong settings.
    Appropriate maintenance and cleaning ensure the good working order and the best performance of the appliance. Regularly clean all stubborn surface dirt
    to avoid grease build up. Remove and clean or change the filter regularly.
    Never flame cook food (flambé) under the appliance. Using free flames might cause fire.
    Failure to observe the instructions for cleaning the hood and replacing the filters may result in a fire.
    Exhaust air must not be vented through a flue used for removal of fumes produced by gas combustion appliances or other combustible materials, but must
    have a separate outlet. All national regulations governing extraction of fumes must be observed.
    If the hood is being used at the same time as other appliances using gas or other combustible materials, the negative pressure of the room must not exceed
    4 Pa (4x 10-5 bars). For this reason ensure that the room is well ventilated.
    Do not leave frying pans unattended when frying, as the frying oil may catch fire.
    Before touching the light bulbs, ensure that they are cold.
    Do not use or leave the hood without the light bulb correctly fitted, as this may cause electric shock.
    The hood is not a worktop, therefore do not place any objects on top of it or overload it.
    During all installation and maintenance operations wear appropriate working gloves.
    This appliance is not suitable for outdoor use.
    When the hob is in use, accessible parts of the hood may become hot.
    Scrapping of household appliances
    This appliance is manufactured with recyclable or reusable materials. Dispose of it in accordance with local waste disposal regulations. Before scrapping, cut
    off the power supply cable.
    For further information on the treatment, recovery and recycling of household electrical appliances, contact your competent local authority, the collection
    service for household waste or the store where you purchased the appliance.
Bauknecht DWGR 6780

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Specificații Bauknecht DWGR 6780

Brand Bauknecht
Model DWGR 6780
Produs hota de evacuare
EAN 4011577660067
Limbă Engleză
Tipul fișierului PDF
Tipul de extracţie Recirculant
Putere maximă de extracţie 736
Maxim curent recirculat 553
Număr de viteze 3
Distanță minimă față de plita electrică 450
Distanță minimă față de plita cu gaz 650
Nivel zgomot (mod recirculare) 71
Nivel zgomot 69
Tipul Montat pe perete
Lungime cablu 1.5
Diametru conector de evacuare 150
Număr becuri 2bec(uri)
Tipul de bec Halogen
Putere lampă 20
Ecran încorporat
Culoarea produsului Din oţel i✗xidabil
Managementul energiei
Putere motor 250
Tensiune AC intrare 220-240
Frecvență de intrare AC 50
Curent 1.2
Sarcină conectată 290
Certificat Energy Star -
Tip filtru unsoare Aluminiu
Numărul de filtre 1
Greutate şi dimensiuni
Lățime 798
Adâncime 420
Înălţime 568
Înălțime fără coș de fum 520
Greutate 15100
Datele de ambalare
Lăţime de ambalaj 935
Adâncimea de ambalaj 595
Înălţime de ambalaj 565
Greutatea pachetului 21300

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