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  • - The safety of your children depends only on you! Children under 5 years
    old at greatest risk. The accident does not happen only to other people!
    Be ready to face it!
    - Supervise and take action:
    Always supervise children from nearby;
    Assign at least one person in charge of the safety;
    • Increase supervision if there are several people in the swimming pool;
    • Wet your neck, arms and legs before entering the pool;
    • Learn the necessary rescue operations, especially those relating to
    rescuing children;
    • Prohibit diving and jumping;
    • Prohibit running and playing games on the edge of the swimming pool;
    • Do not leave toys near or in an unsupervised swimming pool;
    Always keep the pool water clean;
    • Keep the products needed for water treatment outside the reach of
    - Place an accessible telephone near the pool so that the children will
    never be out of supervision when you are on the phone. In any case this
    doesn’t replace a close supervision;
    - In case of accident:
    • Take all the children out of the water immediately.
    • Call for emergency support and follow their instruction/advice.
    • Replace wet clothing with dry clothing.
    - Remember and hang the rescue numbers near the pool:
    • Firemen (18 for France);
    • First Aid/ Emergency Unit: (15 for France);
    • Poison Treatment Centre;
    • Only for domestic use.
    • Only for outdoor use.
    • Children can drown in very small amounts of water. Empty the pool when
    not in use.
    • Do not install the paddling pool over contrete, asphalt or any other hard
    • Place the product on a level surface at least 2 m from any structure or
    obstruction such as a fence, garage, house, overhanging branches,
    laundry lines or electrical wires.
    • Recommend back towards the sun when playing.
    • Modification by the consumer of the original paddling pool (for example
    the addition of accessories) shall be carried out according to the
    instructions of the manufacturer.
    • Keep assembly and installation instruction for future reference.
    General Warning
    Never leave your child unattended – drowning hazard.
    Refer to the item name or number stated on the packaging.
    Packaging must be read carefully and kept for future reference.
    Item Aged
    Over 2 years
    No Jumping
    Shallow Water
    No Diving
    Shallow Water
    Installation of small swimming pool usually takes only 10 minutes with 1
    Recommendations regarding placement of the pool:
    • It is essential the pool is set up on solid, level ground. If the pool is set
    up on uneven ground it can cause collapse of the pool and flooding,
    causing serious personal injury and/or damage to personal property.
    Setting up on uneven ground will void the warranty and service claims.
    • Do not set up on driveways, decks, platforms, gravel or asphalt. Ground
    should be firm enough to withstand the pressure of the water; mud,
    sand, soft / loose soil or tar are not suitable.
    • The ground must be cleared of all objects and debris including stones
    and twigs.
    • Check with your local city council for by-laws relating to fencing, barriers,
    lighting and safety requirements and ensure you comply with all laws.
    Assembly can be completed without tools.
    NOTE: It is important to assemble pool in the order shown below. Adult
    assembly required.
    1. Find solid, level ground and clear it of debris.
    Attention: Do not set up the pool under cables or under trees.
    2. Spread out the pool and make sure it is right side up.
    3. Cover the water valve.
    4. Inflate the top ring and close the air valve after inflation.
    Note: Do not over inflate. Over inflation may cause damage.
    5. Put 1’’ to 2’’ (2 to 5cm) of water in the pool to cover the floor. Once
    pool floor is slightly covered, gently smooth out all wrinkles. Start in the
    center of the pool and work your way clockwise to the outside.
    6. Continue to fill the pool until reaches the water fill line located on the
    pool’s interior. Please kindly pay the utmost attention not over fill the
    pool for security reasons.
    7. Connect the Hose Adapter to the Hose Connector on the product.
    8. Connect your garden hose to the Hose Adapter.
    NOTE: All drawings for illustration purpose only. May not reflect actual
    product. Not to scale.
    Dismantling the Pool
    1. Open water valve on the bottom of the pool, water will drain
    automatically. (Check local regulations for drainage by-laws). Then
    push down the wall of the pool to release the water. Make sure release
    most of the water in 20 minutes.
    Note: Drain by adult only!
    2. Open the air valve on the top ring to deflate.
    3. Air dry.
    ATTENTION: Do not leave the drained pool outside.
    If your pool is damaged, use the provided repair patch.
    1. Clean area to be repaired.
    2. Carefully peel patch.
    3. Press patch over area to be repaired.
    4. Wait 30 minutes before inflation.
    Pool Maintenance
    WARNING: If you do not adhere to the maintenance guidelines covered
    herein, your health might be at risk, especially that of your children.
    1. Change the water of pools frequently (particularly in hot weather) or
    when noticeably contaminated, unclean water is harmful to the user’s
    2. Please contact your local retailer to obtain chemicals to treat the water
    in your pool. Be sure to follow the chemical manufacturer’s instructions.
    3. Proper maintenance can maximize the life of your pool.
    4. See packaging for water capacity.
    Cleaning and Storage
    1. After deflation, use a damp cloth to gently clean all surfaces.
    Note: Never use solvents or other chemicals that may damage the product.
    2. Remove all the accessories and spare parts of the pool and store them
    clean and dry.
    3. Once pool is completely dry, sprinkle with talcum powder to prevent
    pool from sticking together, fold pool carefully. If pool is not completely
    dry, mould may result and will damage the pool liner.
    4. Store liner and accessories in a cool, dry place out of children’s reach,
    with a moderate temperature between 5°C / 41°F and 38°C / 100°F.
    5. During the rainy season, pool and accessories should be stored as
    instructed above.
    6. Unproper draining of the pool might cause serious personal injury
    and/or damage to personal property.
    7. Check the product for damage at the beginning of each season and at
    regular intervals when in use.
Bestway 57326

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