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    Read this instructions booklet carefully before
    installing and using the appliance. It is the only way
    to ensure the best results and maximum user safety.
    (see diagram pag. 2)
    A. Inner lid
    B. Basket handle with lock
    C. Basket
    D. Opening button
    E. Signal lamp
    F. Sliding thermostat control/OFF switch
    G. Handle for lifting appliance
    H. Viewing window (not for all models)
    I. Filter cover
    L. Cord holder
    Before use check that the voltage power supply corre-
    sponds to the one shown on the appliance data plate.
    Only connect the appliance to electrical sockets
    which have a minimum load of 10A and which are
    properly earthed. (If the socket and the plug on the
    appliance should prove incompatible, get a profes-
    sionally qualified technician to replace the socket
    with a more suitable one).
    Do not place the appliance near heat sources.
    Should it be necessary to replace the feeder cable,
    make sure that it is of the H05VVF 3x1 2mm type.
    The replacement cable must conform to the current
    norms and be of the same diameter as the original
    The appliance is hot when it is in use. DO NOT
    Do not move the deep fryer when the oil is hot, as
    there it could cause serious burns.
    The deep fryer must only be switched on after it has
    been filled with oil or fat. If it is heated up while
    empty, a thermal safety device comes into operation
    which stops it from working. In this case it is neces-
    sary to contact our nearest authorised service centre.
    If the deep fryer leaks oil, contact the technical ser-
    vice centre or staff authorised by the Company.
    Before using the deep fryer for the first time, wash
    the bowl, the basket and the lid (removing the filters)
    carefully with hot water and washing up liquid.
    When this has been done, dry carefully.
    It is totally normal that, on first use, the refrigerator emits
    a “new appliance” smell. If this happens, aerate the
    The materials and objects likely to come into contact
    with foodstuffs conform to EEC Directive 89/109.
    Children or infirm persons should not be allowed to
    use this product unsupervised
    Children should not be allowed to play with this
    To move the appliance, use the special lifting hand-
    les (G). (Never lift by the basket handle).
    Filling with oil or fat
    Open the lid by pulling on the opening button
    (fig. 1) then take the accessories out.
    Pour about 2 lt of oil, circa into pot (or 1.8 kg. fat).
    Best results are obtained by using a good peanut oil. Avoid
    mixing different types of oil. If you use lumps of solid fat,
    cut them into small pieces so that the deep fryer does not
    heat up in the first few minutes without a covering of fat.
    1. Place the food to be fried in the basket. Do not over-
    fill the basket (maximum 1 kg of fresh potatoes).
    2. Replace the basket in the bowl in the raised posi-
    tion and close lid by lightly pushing down until
    catch snaps shut.
    3. Set the sliding thermostat control (
    F) (fig. 2) to the
    desired temperature (see enclosed table). When
    the selected temperature is reached, the control
    light will switch off.
    Starting to fry
    As soon as the light goes off, lower the
    basket into the oil.
    To do this:
    - Ensure that the handle lock is in the rear posi-
    - Insert the basket handle (B) in the basket (fig. 3)
    and lock it securely in place.
    Always ensure that the handle lock is
    in place when lifting the basket in or
    out of the oil.
    - Remove the handle and close the lid.
    It is normal for a notable quantity of hot vapour to
    escape from the filter cover immediately following
    the above mentioned process.
    It is also normal for drops of condensation to fall
    from the lid onto the metal or plastic sides of the
    appliance while in use.
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DeLonghi F622

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Specificații DeLonghi F622

Brand DeLonghi
Model F622
Produs congelator
Limbă Engleză, Olandeză, Germană, Franceză, Spaniolă, Italiană, Portugheză, Grec
Tipul fișierului PDF

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