Emjoi Beauty Forever AP-9FEA

Manual de utilizare Emjoi Beauty Forever AP-9FEA

  • Before using your Emjoi
    Forever, read this instruction booklet
    1. Make sure that the area to be
    treated with the Emjoi
    Forever is clean, dry and free from
    oil or lotion. Tip: If you apply a
    warm compress to the area you
    wish to treat it will open the pores
    and hair follicles to make the hair
    easier to slide out.
    Remove the Emjoi
    Forever handset from its case.
    The Emjoi
    Beauty Forever
    comes with an interchangeable
    tweezer system. The gold-plated
    tweezers are ideal for removing
    single hairs in areas that you want
    pinpoint precision, eyebrows and
    sensitive breast hair, while the coil-
    tweezers are excellent for removing
    multiple hairs at one time, bikini
    line and facial hair on the sides of
    your face.
    4. To change the tweezers: Remove
    the cap at the tip of the handset,
    where the tweezer is located, by
    using a slight bending motion (fig
    1). Then press the small blue
    button, on the bottom of the
    handset, and at the same time
    gently pull out the tweezers (fig 2).
    Place the other tweezers into the
    handset until you hear it ”click” into
    place and replace the cap.
    Since the Emjoi
    Beauty Forever
    uses Radio Frequencies to remove
    unwanted hair it may cause
    interference with other appliances
    that use Radio Frequencies, TV,
    radio, cordless phone, etc.
    Therefore, make sure that these
    appliances are not in use where you
    are using your Emjoi
    Forever because they may interfere
    with its efficient operation. (You
    can have a microwave oven
    plugged in as long as you are not
    cooking something in your
    microwave oven. Your cordless
    phone can be plugged in as along
    as you are not on the phone).
    Plug the Emjoi
    Beauty Forever
    into an electrical outlet. The green
    light above the off button will light
    up (fig 3).
    To turn the Emjoi
    Forever ON, just select a setting,
    HI, MED or LOW, and the
    red light above the selected setting
    will light up. For coarse hair use
    HI and for fine hair select LOW.
    You can use HI to remove all types
    of hair but for people with sensitive
    skin we recommend to use the
    LOW or MED setting.
    Note: There is no harmful electricity
    emitted from the tweezers. When
    using the Emjoi
    Beauty Forever
    you will not feel anything being
    emitted from the tweezers.
    8. If the hair you wish to treat is very
    long, trim the hair prior to
    treatment. Hair should not be
    longer than
    /4 of an inch.
    9. Clasp the unwanted hair between
    the tweezers by pressing the blue
    Q: How come I did not feel
    anything when I was using the
    Beauty Forever is it
    Yes. The Emjoi
    Forever does not give off
    shocks or vibrations because it
    uses Radio Frequency
    technology. You should not
    feel anything from the tweezer
    Q: Will I get shocked by using the
    Beauty Forever?
    A: No. There is no harmful
    electricity emitted from the
    Can I use the Emjoi
    Forever with a pacemaker?
    A: With any medical condition we
    suggest that you consult with
    your physician.
    Is it harmful to use the Emjoi
    Beauty Forever while I am
    watching TV or on a cordless
    A: No. It is not harmful to you
    but it will interfere with the
    units ability to remove hair
    effectively. Since the Emjoi
    Beauty Forever uses Radio
    Frequency technology, the
    same waves as microwaves,
    radios and cordless phones,
    there can be interference. We
    recommend that you turn off
    your TV, radio and stay off the
    phone when you are using
    Tweezer Handset
    Main Unit
    Panel Cover
    Front Panel
    Radio Frequency
    Indicator (gets brighter
    when in use)
    Instructions for use:
    handle button. The Radio Frequency
    Indicator, red light by the adapter
    plug, will get brighter (fig 4) this
    lets you know that the Radio
    Frequency technology is working.
    10.For best results, grasp the hair as
    close to the skin as possible without
    touching the skin.
    Important: Hold the tweezers
    closed on unwanted hair for 20-30
    11.Gently slide the hair out in the
    direction that it grows. If the hair
    does not slide out easily, some hairs
    are more stubborn than others,
    gently tweeze it out. If the hair
    breaks or does not slide out easily,
    the follicle may not be at the proper
    stage to be destroyed. Wait a few
    days and try again.
    12. After you are finished removing hair
    with the Emjoi
    Beauty Forever,
    turn the unit off by pressing the
    OFF button and unplug it from
    the electrical outlet.
    After each session it is important to clean
    your Emjoi
    orever. Make
    sure that your unit is turned OFF and
    you have unplugged it from the electrical
    outlet. To clean the coil-tweezers, use
    the brush provided (fig 5), to brush off
    any hairs. To clean the gold-plated
    tweezers, use rubbing alcohol on the
    tip of the tweezers with a cotton swab
    that has been squeezed dry.
    Note: Make sure that the cotton swab
    is not soaked with alcohol.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    the unit. If you prefer you can
    use the Emjoi
    Forever in your bathroom,
    making sure that the unit is
    kept away from water.
    Will the Emjoi
    Forever hurt more than
    A: No. It will actual be less painful
    than tweezing because you are
    not just yanking the hair out,
    you are damaging the root
    with Radio Frequency
    Can I use the Emjoi
    Forever for my upper lip?
    A: Yes. The Emjoi Beauty Forever
    is perfect for removing
    individual hairs from the upper
    lip and chin.
    Can I use the Emjoi
    Forever on my body?
    A: Yes. It is completely gentle and
    designed to be used from head
    to toe, from the eyebrows to
    sensitive breast and bikini areas.
    Is the Emjoi
    Beauty Forever
    a permanent hair remover?
    A: No, but after several treatments
    your hair may begin to grow
    back lighter as well as thinner.
    The non-invasive
    alternative to
    fig 4
    fig 5
    fig 2
    fig 1
    fig 3
    fig 4
    fig 5
Emjoi Beauty Forever AP-9FEA

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