Igenix IG2980

Manual de utilizare Igenix IG2980

    When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions
    should be followed.
    WARNING: To reduce the risk of burns, electric shock,
    fire, injury to persons or exposure to excessive microwave
    1. Read all instructions before using the appliance.
    2. Use this appliance only for its intended use as
    described in this manual. Do not use corrosive
    chemicals or vapors in this appliance.
    This type of oven is specifically designed to heat,
    cook or dry food. It is not designed for industrial or
    laboratory use.
    3. Do not operate the oven when empty.
    4. Do not operate this appliance if it has a damaged
    cord or plug, if it is not working properly or if it has
    been damaged or dropped. If the supply cord is
    damaged, it must be replaced by a service agent or
    a similarly qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.
    1. Make sure that all the packing materials are removed
    from the inside of the door.
    2. WARNING: Check the oven for any damage, such as
    misaligned or bent door, damaged door seals and
    sealing surface, broken or loose door hinges and
    latches and dents inside the cavity or on the door.
    If there is any damage, do not operate the oven and
    contact qualified service personnel.
    3. This microwave oven must be placed on a flat, stable
    surface to hold its weight and the heaviest food likely
    to be cooked in the oven.
    4. Do not place the oven where heat, moisture, or high
    humidity are generated, or near combustible materials.
    5. For correct operation, the oven must have sufficient
    airflow. Allow 20cm of space above the oven, 10cm
    at back and 5cm at both sides. Do not cover or block
    any openings on the appliance. Do not remove feet.
    5. To reduce the risk of fire in the oven cavity:
    When heating food in plastic or paper container,
    check the oven frequently to the possibility of ignition.
    Remove wire twist-ties from paper or plastic bags
    before placing bag in oven.
    If smoke is observed, switch off or unplug the
    appliance and keep the door closed in order to stifle
    any flames.
    Do not use the cavity for storage purposes.
    Do not leave paper products, cooking utensils or food
    in the cavity when not in use.
    6. WARNING: Liquid or other food must not be
    heated in sealed containers since they are liable
    to explode.
    7. Microwave heating of beverage can result in delayed
    eruptive boiling, therefore care has to be taken when
    handling the container.
    8. Do not fry food in the oven. Hot oil can damage oven
    parts and utensils and even result in skin burns.
    9. Eggs in their shell and whole hard-boiled eggs should
    not be heated in microwave ovens since they may
    explode even after microwave heating has ended.
    10. Pierce foods with heavy skins such as potatoes,
    whole squashes, apples and chestnuts before
    11. The contents of feeding bottles and baby jars should
    be stirred or shaken and the temperature should be
    checked before serving in order to avoid burns.
    12. Cooking utensils may become hot because of heat
    transferred from the heated food. Potholders may be
    needed to handle the utensil.
    13. Utensils should be checked to ensure that they are
    suitable for use in microwave oven.
    14. WARNING: It is hazardous for anyone other than a
    trained person to carry out any service or repair
    operation which involves the removal of any cover
    which gives protection against exposure to
    microwave energy.
    15. Do not place metallic objects in the microwave oven,
    e.g. metal containers, crockery with metallic finish
    or trimming, cutlery or skewers.
    16. This appliance is not intended for use by persons
    (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or
    mental capabilities, or lack of experience and
    knowledge, unless they have been given supervision
    or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a
    person responsible for their safety.
    17. Children should be supervised to ensure that they
    do not play with the appliance.
    6. Do not operate the oven without glass tray, roller
    support, and shaft in their proper positions.
    7. Make sure that the power supply cord is undamaged
    and does not run under the oven or over any hot or
    sharp surface.
    8. The socket must be readily accessible so that it can
    be easily unplugged in an emergency.
    9. Do not use the oven outdoors.
    Ensure your supply is rated at 220~240V and 50HZ
    before operating the appliance. This microwave is fitted
    with a plug incorporating a 13 amp fuse. In addition this
    appliance must be earthed or connected to an earthed
    supply. In the event of the fuse needing replacement,
    then a 13 amp fuse approved by ASTA to BS1362
    MUST be used.
    IMPORTANT: If the plug fitted is not suitable for
    your socket, then the 13 amp plug supplied should be
    removed. Before wiring the appropriate plug, please note
    that the wires in this mains lead are coloured in accor-
    dance with the following code:
    BLUE: Neutral
    BROWN: Live
    GREEN & YELLOW: Earth
    As colours in the mains lead may not correspond to the
    coloured markings in your plug, proceed as follows:
    Connect the BROWN wire to the terminal marked ‘L’ or
    coloured RED, connect the BLUE wire to the terminal
    marked ‘N’ or coloured BLACK, and connect the GREEN
    & YELLOW wire to the terminal marked ‘E’ or coloured
    If in doubt, consult a suitably qualified electrician.
    800W Microwave Oven
    Model Number: IG2980
    1. Do not attempt to operate this oven with the
    door open, since open door operation can
    result in harmful exposure to microwave
    energy. It is important not to tamper with the
    safety interlocks.
    2. Do not place any object between the oven
    front face and the door or allow soil or
    cleaner residue to accumulate on sealing
    3. Do not operate the oven if it is damaged.
    It is particularly important that the oven door
    is closed properly and that there is no
    damage to the –
    a) Door (bent),
    b) Hinges or latches (broken or loose),
    c) Door seals and sealing surfaces.
    4. The oven should not be adjusted or repaired
    by anyone except properly qualified service
    Door Safety Lock System
    Roller Ring
    Glass Turntable
    Power /Action
    Wave Guide
    Oven Window
    Cookware Microwave
    18. The list (below) is a general guide to help you select
    the correct utensils.
Igenix IG2980

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Specificații Igenix IG2980

Brand Igenix
Model IG2980
Produs Cuptor cu microunde
Limbă Engels
Tipul fișierului PDF
Capacitatea de interior 20 L
Amplasare aparat Pe blat
Culoarea produsului Alb
Tipul de control Prin rotație
Putere microunde 800 W
Numărul nivelurilor de putere 5
Uşi de tip deschis Tragere în afară
Balama uşă Stinga/parasit
Platan Da
Dimensiunile tavii rotunde 240 milimetri
Ecran încorporat Nu
Temporizator Da
Înveliș interior Din oţel inoxidabil
Managementul energiei
Sarcină conectată 1200 W
Tensiune AC intrare 240 V
Frecvență de intrare AC 50 Hz
Greutate şi dimensiuni
Lățime 452 milimetri
Adâncime 360 milimetri
Înălţime 262 milimetri
Greutate 12000 g
Dimensiunile interioare (L x D x H) 315 x 329 x 210 milimetri
Programe și funcții preparare hrană
Funcţia de dezgheaţare Da


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