Manual de utilizare Philips SteamCleaner Multi FC7008

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Read this important information carefully before you use
the appliance and save it for future reference.
- Never immerse the appliance in water or any other liquid,
nor rinse it under the tap, except for the parts that can be
removed for cleaning according to the instructions.
- Beware of hot steam that comes out of the appliance.
Steam may cause scalding (Fig. 1).
- To avoid a hazard, do not move the appliance over its
own mains cord or the mains cords of other appliances.
- Beware of the hot stove. Make sure the stove has
cooled down sufciently before you start to clean it.
- Check if the voltage indicated on the appliance
corresponds to the local mains voltage before you
connect the appliance.
- Do not use the appliance if the plug, the mains
cord or the appliance itself shows visible damage, or if
the appliance has been dropped or leaks.
- Always return the appliance to a service centre
authorised by Philips for examination or repair.
Do not attempt to repair the appliance yourself,
otherwise the guarantee becomes invalid.
- If the mains cord is damaged, you must have it replaced
by Philips, a service centre authorised by Philips or
similarly qualied persons in order to avoid a hazard.
- Never leave the appliance unattended when it is
connected to the mains.
- This appliance can be used by children aged from
8 years and above and persons with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience
and knowledge if they have been given supervision or
instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way
and understand the hazards involved. Children shall not
play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance
shall not be made by children without supervision.
- The surfaces, including nozzles and pads, can become
extremely hot and may cause burns if touched during
use (Fig. 2).
- The attachment must be tted to the appliance
before use. (Fig. 3)
- The water tank has a capacity of 75ml. Never ll the
water tank with more than this amount.
- Never store the appliance at a temperature lower
than 0°C.
- Never direct the hot steam from the appliance at
people or pets (Fig. 4).
- Never direct the hot steam from the appliance at
equipment containing electrical components such as
the interior of ovens.
- Do not open the water tank cap when the appliance
is operating.
- Only connect the appliance to an earthed wall socket.
- Do not use the appliance on the same spot too long,
as this may damage the surface.
- Do not use the appliance to clean wood or laminate
surfaces without a water-resistant or heat-resistant top
coat or whose water-resistant or heat-resistant top
coat is damaged. The steam may remove the sheen
of wax-treated wooden surfaces. Always test an area
out of direct view to make sure the surface can be
cleaned with hot steam. We also advise you to check the
maintenance instructions from the surface manufacturer.
- Temperature shocks can cause glass to break.
- When the appliance is switched off, some steam may still
come out. This is normal. When you have nished steam
cleaning, always switch off and unplug the appliance and
let the it cool down for 60 minutes before you store it.
- This appliance is intended for indoor household use only.
- Steam may damage or cause discolouration of certain
- Never use scouring pads, abrasive cleaning agents or
aggressive liquids such as alcohol, petrol or acetone
to clean the appliance. Clean the appliance and wipe
any deposits off with a damp cloth and a non-abrasive
liquid cleaning agent.
- Noise level: Lc = 71 dB(A)
Type of water to be used
- To ensure a longer life for your appliance, use demineralised water in
the water tank. This prevents fast scale build-up, especially in areas with
hard tap water.
- Do not put detergents, perfume, vinegar, starch, descaling agents, ironing
aids or other chemicals in the water tank, as your appliance is not
designed to work with these chemicals.
Electromagnetic elds (EMF)
This Philips appliance complies with all applicable standards and regulations
regarding exposure to electromagnetic elds.
Ordering accessories
To buy accessories or spare parts, visit
or go to your Philips dealer. You can also contact the Philips Consumer Care
Centre in your country (see the worldwide guarantee leaet for contact details).
- You can order a set of new pads under type number FC8055 (Fig. 5).
- Do not throw away the appliance with the normal household waste
at the end of its life, but hand it in at an ofcial collection point for
recycling. By doing this, you help to preserve the environment (Fig. 6).
Guarantee and service
If you need service or information or if you have a problem, please visit
the Philips website at or contact the Philips
Consumer Care Centre in your country. You nd its phone number in the
worldwide guarantee leaet. If there is no Consumer Care Centre in your
country, go to your local Philips dealer.
This chapter summarises the most common problems you could encounter
with the appliance. If you are unable to solve the problem with the
information below, visit for a list of frequently
asked questions or contact the Consumer Care Centre in your country.
Problem Cause Solution
The appliance
does not
produce any
The appliance has
not heated up suf-
Let the appliance heat up for
approx. 45 seconds. When the
‘appliance ready’ light burns blue
continuously, the appliance is
ready for use.
You have not pressed
the steam trigger fully.
Press the steam trigger fully.
The appliance only produces
steam when you press the steam
trigger fully.
The water level in the
water tank is too low.
Unplug the appliance and rell
the water tank.

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Brand Philips
Model SteamCleaner Multi FC7008
Produs aspirator cu abur
EAN 8710103672272, 8710103673255
Limbă Engleză, Polonez, Rusă, Cehă, Română, Slovacă, Maghiară, Sloven, Ucrainean
Grup de produse Aspiratoare cu abur
Tipul fișierului PDF
Greutate şi dimensiuni
Greutate 700
Timp de încălzire 45
Timp pregătire 0.75
Temperatura (max) 100
Tipul Apărat curățare cu vapori portabil
Capacitatea -
Lungime cablu 2.5
Culoarea produsului Verde
Managementul energiei
Putere 1200