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Thank you for purchasing this Profile product. Please
note: It is important that you read this manual before
using the product. And be sure to save this manual for
possible use later.
Please note
The Energy Meter must be charged before use.
After 15 minutes, the LCD screen will be
operational, but to fully charge the battery, the
device must be plugged into the mains for at least
12 hours.
The Energy Meter is the easiest way for you to
measure the energy costs of connected appliances.
Technical data
Operating voltage: 230V AC (50/60 Hz) alternating
current (AC)
Maximum power of connected appliances: 3680 W
Maximum current: 16A
Input/ Output: via earthed socket
Operating temperature: + 10 to +40° C
Energy display: 0 kWh to 999.9 kWh
Maximum registration time: 9999 hours
Only use indoors (IP20)
Correct use
The measurement range of the Energy Meter is 5W to
3680W. Exact measurement of values below or above
this range is not possible. Use outside this range can
overload and damage the unit.
The Energy Meter was designed to monitor and
measure electric appliances.
The Energy Meter is approved only for use with
230V AC.
Only 230V AC, 50/60Hz electric appliances may be
The maximum power of the connected loads may
not exceed 3680W (maximum amperage 16A).
Use of the Energy Meter is only allowed indoors in
dry environments. Use in the open air is strictly
Always heed the instructions on the identification
label located on the connected power cables.
Use other than that described above can result in
damage to the product and the risk of short circuit,
fire, electric shocks, etc.
The product as a whole may not be converted or
modified. The safety instructions must be followed
Safety instructions
The manufacturers accept no liability for damage to
objects or persons that arises from incorrect use or
noncompliance with the safety prescriptions. All
damage claims resulting in such cases are void.
The Energy Meter may only be connected to
regulated outlets (230V AC, 50/60Hz- 10/16A) with
a ground.
The connected appliances may not use more than
3680W (16A).
The operating temperature of the connected
appliance must be between 10º and 40º.
High temperatures, especially when measuring high
levels of electrical power, can result in overheating
and damage to the Energy Meter.
Avoid use in extreme weather conditions and in the
vicinity of inflammable gases, moisture and dust.
For safety reasons, the unit may never be operated
in a wet or damp environment.
During cleaning or maintenance, disconnect each
source of power from the Energy Meter. The battery
and the LCD screen can retain a charge, even when
the unit is disconnected from all sources of power.
Insert no metal parts or other objects in the Energy
If it is established that safe use is no longer
possible, take the Energy Meter out of operation and
ensure that it is not mistakenly put back into
operation by someone else. If there is visible
damage to the Energy Meter, it must be taken out of
service immediately.
Display of current time (24-hour clock), day, energy
consumption in Watts and billing rate.
Display of total time connected, energy consumed
and the cost of energy consumed.
Display of total registered times, total time and
Programmable day and night rates.
Configuration, connection and operation
The procedure for setting the time and the billing
rate is the following:
Setting the current time and day
1. Simultaneously press the “+” and ”-
“ buttons to enter the system
configuration. The first setting is the
current time.
2. Use the “+” button to increase the
value of the flashing position from 0 to
9; use the “-“ button to decrease the value of the
flashing position.
3. Press the “MODE” button to move the next position.
4. After setting the day, push the “MODE” button again
– billing rate 1 for the system can now be configured.
Setting billing rate 1 (day rate)
1. Set the start time for billing rate
1. For example day rate starts at
7.00 a.m.
2. Set rate 1. All values are
introduced in quantities of eurocents.
E.g. 1.00€ = 100cent
3. Use the “+” button to increase the value of the
flashing position from 0 to 9; use the “-“ button to
decrease the value of the flashing position.
4. Press the “MODE” button to move to the next
5. Press the “MODE” button - billing rate 2 for the
system can now be configured.

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