Manual de utilizare Tripp Lite EZB-HDMIM-2

Tripp Lite EZB-HDMIM-2

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Tripp Lite
0037332141941, 0037332142429, 0373321424290
Engleză, Franceză, Spaniolă, Italiană, Română
Tipul fișierului
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Tripp Lite Easy-Pull
Long-Run Display Cables
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Tripp Lite Easy-Pull Long-Run Display Cables offer a simpler, safer method of
connecting an A/V source to distant displays, up to 150 feet away. Tripp Lite Easy-Pull
Cables feature detachable, screw-on connectors, allowing installers to easily pull the
cable through conduit that normal monitor cables with bulky connectors simply
can't fit into. Because the connectors are added after the cable is installed, Tripp Lite
Easy-Pull Cables easily pull through drop ceilings, return air ducts and conduit as
small as ¾ inches in diameter—even with factory-manufactured 90° bends.*
With more cable installation options, Easy-Pull Cables make it easier to meet
stringent building codes. Easy-Pull Cables are perfect for all long-run video
applications: video signage used in retail or public sectors, video monitors used
in home-/business-theaters, schools/training facilities and more.
* Field-manufactured bends may result in smaller diameter or flattened conduit at the point of the bend.
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Tripp Lite Easy-Pull Cables feature threaded end caps with integrated pull tabs.
The tabs safely support more pull-force than the average cable—up to 30 lbs.—
safeguarding the cable from damage. The threaded end caps protect the connector
contacts from dirt or damage during installation. To finish the installation, simply
attach the appropriate combination of connectors for the cable. For convenience,
cables and connectors are available separately or as all-in-one kits. All Tripp Lite
connectors are packaged in pairs.
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Tripp Lite Easy-Pull Long-Run Display Cables feature premium molded connectors,
which stand up to demanding applications better than cables with assembled
connectors. Color-coded cable ends ensure a perfect match between cables and
detachable connectors. Double shielding (foil and braid) provides maximum EMI/RFI
protection. Type A Cables (for VGA applications) are comprised of three copper
braided UL1354 coax cables, four twisted-pair cables and two signal cables. Type B
Cables (for digital cables such as DVI and HDMI) are comprised of four UL20276
individually-shielded, twisted-pair cables with drain-wire, one twisted-pair cable
and five signal cables.
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Eliminate need to field-terminate
Allow cable to be run to code—inside
conduit, drop ceilings, etc.
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Make pulling long cables fast and easy
Protect entire cable from strain and
contacts from dirt or damage
Safely support up to 30 lbs. of
pull force
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Model: P503-050 “Type A” Cable
EZA-VGAAX-2 Connector Kit
(includes 2 connector ends and wall plate, shown)
Purchase Cable & Connectors Separately
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Lungime cablu 0.3
Gen conector Male connector / Male connector
Culoarea produsului Negru
Conector 1 HDMI Tip A (Standard)
Conector 2 HDMI Tip A (Standard)
Placare contacte conectori De aur